This may be the baby of the bunch but it is still packed with all the great features of the longer models.    The angle of the roof still allows plenty of headroom for taller campers, and there is an option of an extension to the double length bed for plenty of leg space.    The drawers are at the front and fridge in the middle for best usability and the option of a slide-out pantry has become a popular choice.

Standard Tray Requirements

Internal Length:1800mm

External Width:    1850mm or 1900mm

  • Aluminium powdercoated canopy. Dry Weight: approx 400kg
  • Quality WCT Australian Dynaproofed canvas
  • Dust and waterproofed for four-wheel driving/off road
  • Lockable, strut assisted side doors
  • Jacking legs and fittings – easy keyhole fit
  • Large awning to fully cover kitchen area and entrance
  • Top Quality latches and slides and fittings
  • Quick fit Handrail
  • Marine carpeting in all drawers and storage areas
  • Extra large carpeted stand up dressing/inside dining area
  • Clothing storage compartments – accessible from the outside
  • Storage space for Portable toilet
  • Extra personal luggage space
  • Three large windows for great views and ventilation
  • Queensize Width and Double length bed ( extension available)  – always set up
  • Solid insulated and fabric lined roof with plenty of head space
  • 2 Step slide-out ladder
  • Main tent storage off the bed
  • Storage drawer and shelf
  • Large roomy Standup dressing area – room for your chairs
  • Optional pull out table for meals on cold nights or to get away from the insect.
  • Unique easy setup frame with optional extra insulation
  • Swivel light with optional extra bedhead lights and fan.
  • Tailgate Campers original design Tilting  fridge slide  ( or space to fit a vertical fridge)
  • -2 large solid slide-out storage drawers – carpeted
  • Optional Vertical pantry
  • Easily accessible stainless steel preparation bench- no need to empty you bench to access the drawer
  • Slide out kitchen
    – 2 burner stove with windshield
  • -storage area for sauces etc
  • -storage area for spice
  • Fold out sink with faucet and drainage bench  with towel rack
  • 2x Storage areas above the slide out kitchen.   – Optional Travel Buddy oven can be placed here.
  • Lift up door to access inside storage
  • Extra large divided storage areas
  • Space for extra fridge
  • 80lt water tank
  • 130AH AGM Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • LED swivel interior light
  • 2x LED quality strip lights (kitchen side)
  • 1x LED Quality strip light (storage side)
  • Water pump
  • Water gauge
  • Accessory socket
Tailgate Campers chooses to go with a modular system.  This allows for an upgrade path should your power requirements change.

We use a Projecta system. Our units have been tested with our Fusion batteries and E-Arche solar panels and provide an extremely reliable system.    We have found the technical support excellent, and the units are easily available should a problem arise



  • 130AH  Fusion AGM Battery  ( Lithium upgrade available)
  • 15amp smart Battery Charger
  • LED swivel interior light
  • 2x LED quality strip lights (kitchen side)
  • 1x LED Quality strip light (storage side)
  • Water pump  plumbed to the kitchen sink (automatically activated)
  • Water gauge
  • Accessory socket
  • Kitchen side door alarm for piece of mind
  • There is a large range of electrical options available to customise your camper to your needs.